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Geography of Diabetes in US: A conditioned map

on Mon, 10/01/2012 - 01:29

The Geography of Diabetes data visualization allows to explore the magnitude and spatial distribution of Diabetes across US Counties. It was created by Annette Greiner using the core set of indicators from the Food Environment Atlas, US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Under-five mortality dashboard

on Sat, 09/29/2012 - 03:11
Under-five mortality dashboard
Under-five mortality dashboard visualizes the United Nation Inter-agency Group for Child Mortality's estimates of child mortality, child leading causes of death and income per person (GDP/Capit, PPP$ infation-adjusted) in an innovative way that allows users to explore and track the situation and trend about under-five child mortality.

Visual, Digital Arts and Programing

on Sat, 09/15/2012 - 18:56

Ablaze Color 1

Patrick Gunderson, an artist who specializes in pixels "digital arts", has created Ablaze.js, a JavaScript port for the original flash application that creates unique digital art images based on a computer algorithm. 

Arrange a number of points with initial parameters x, y, speen, direction and assign a random speed and direction to each. After each iteration of movement, analyze the distances between each point. If 2 points are within a certain distance of each other, draw a line between them.
Ablaze is a perfect combination of visual arts, digital design and computer

Antique Visualizations on Mortality in USA

on Sat, 09/15/2012 - 16:20

Jonathan Soma, one of the founders of Brooklyn Brainery --a collaborative education organization based out of Brooklyn-- has created the very impresive website called A Handsome Atlas

A Handsome Atlas presents the amazing and incredible Statistical Atlases of the United States of America compiled in the final decades of the Nineteenth Century.

The old maps from the 19th century are probably the best graphs you can find. There are complete contrast to the aesthetics you find today.

Visualizing how the stream of the XX's Album Coexist is being shared around the World

on Tue, 09/11/2012 - 05:18

Click on above screenshot or here for Interactive visualization and listen the XX's Album Coexist

This visualization shows how the stream of The xx's new album Coexist is being shared around the World from September 3 to September 11. 2012 to nowadays. It also allows us to listen and enjoy the stream of all songs included in the album.

Included songs in Coexist: 1) Angels, 2) Chained, 3) Fiction, 4) Try, 5) Reunion, 6) Sunset, 7) Missing, 8) Tides, 9) Unfold, 10) Swept Away, and 11) Our Song.

Coexist is the second studio album by English indie pop group The xx, released on 5 September

The Submarine Cable Map for Internet

on Tue, 09/11/2012 - 03:07

Click to launch the interactive Submarine Cable Map for Internet

The Submarine Cable Map is a data visualization of the submarine cable that support the communication for Internet created by TeleGeography.

"TeleGeography’s free interactive submarine cable map is based on our authoritative Global Bandwidth Research Service, and depicts active and planned submarine cable systems and their landing stations. Selecting a cable route on the map provides access to data about the cable, including the cable’s name, ready-for-service (RFS) date, length, owners, website, and landing points.

Global Human Migration, 2010

on Fri, 09/07/2012 - 04:11

Data visualization of Global Human Migration - Cuba

This is an interesting and very creative data visualization about the global human migration created by with data from the World Bank Bilateral Migration and Remittances 2010 database.

The above screenshot visualizes the human migration from Cuba to other countries of the World. The total population in Cuba is 11,098,415 with 1,219,244 emigrants according to estimates of the World Bank. USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of), Haiti and Chile are the favorite destinations of cuban emigrats.

Clck on a country on the

Venn Diagram of 7 color sets

on Sat, 09/01/2012 - 14:35

This interactive visualization of 7 sets Venn Diagram was created by Santiago Ortiz. It is his own version of the 7-Way Venn which was referenced by Information is Beautiful and pinterest of David MacCandless and Orthocuban.

Inspired by the Newton's theories on lights and color spectrum,  Santiago Ortiz decided to use colors rather than numbers or letters to identify each basic set. He created an interactive and isomorphic version of the original 7 Venn Diagram, meaning that the same topology was kept and the surface areas were balanced, so each piece has a similar visual importance.


Hurricane Isaac is approaching US south coastal plain

on Wed, 08/29/2012 - 03:03

This is the static image of ESRI Hurricane Isaac aproaching US south gulf coast on August 28, 2012.

According to the forecasted path, it is expected that Isaac arrives to the coast of New Orleans early tomorrow Wednesday August 29, 2012 as an active Category 1 hurricane with wind of 80mph.

Below you can find the actual interactive map for Active Hurricanes from ESRI.


This interactive map, created by ESRI and based on ESRI ArcGIS Online Platform, presents continuously updated hurricane information. It shows the projected paths, storm surge, weather warnings, and precipitation.

Live Wind Map Showing Surface Wind Flows Generated by Hurricane Isaac

on Wed, 08/29/2012 - 02:13

Live Wind Map is an extraordinary data visualization created by Martin Wattemberg and Fernanda Viegas, from HINT.FM, Wind Map shows the surface wind flow patterns over the US. It is updated with live data every hour  using data from the National Digital Forecast Database.  

A perfect combination of art, design and technology to visualize relevant data.

The above static image of the Live Wind Map reflects the surface wind flows patterns on Wednesday, August 29, 2012 7:00am EDT, making clearly visible the dramatic surface wind flows generated by hurricane Isaac (Category 1) touching the Gulf